What You Didn’t Know About The Big Game


By George Panoutsos

With a spread of only three points going into the big game, most fans did not know what to expect on Sunday night. What they did get was an overtime thriller. This was the first time any NFL championship has gone into overtime.

Sophomore Mike McKay was rooting for the Patriots and was thrilled when they pulled out the win.

“It’s just so exhilarating. I got my first Tom Brady jersey in first grade and it took off from there. That was the greatest comeback in history, and watching every second of it was truly incredible,” McKay said.

The overtime rules are unfamiliar to most. The possession is first determined by a coin toss. The NFL makes sure that both teams must receive an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime unless the team receiving scores a touchdown on their first drive. Senior Stephanie Schmidt agrees that the overtime rules are unfair and unlike most sports.

“I think that the current overtime system is unfair because both teams don’t have a chance to get at the ball. Most times, the ones who receive the ball are able to score a touchdown and the team that has to kick off solely need to rely on an interception or fumble. In other sports like hockey and basketball, there is an equal opportunity to receive the puck or ball and score,” Schmidt said.

Starting overtime, the Patriots made their way down the field and scored on the first drive; therefore, the Falcons did not get an opportunity to retaliate. Had the Patriots kicked a field goal on the initial drive, quarterback Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ offense would have gotten one drive to either tie or win the game.

This Patriot’s victory marks quarterback Tom Brady‘s fifth championship win. Manager Bill Belichek and Brady coordinated some extravagant plays to shift the momentum in the game while the Patriots were down. My personal favorite was on the first two-point conversion when Brady faked the high snap and concealed the “fake ball,” creating a really easy run up the middle.

These kinds of plays are what have trademarked the Patriot’s dynasty through recent years, and fans can expect to see even bigger things from the Patriots with the return of injured tight end Rob Gronkowski.