International Week: Greek Club


By George Panoutsos

Editor’s Note: This is the first story in a series of nine international week stories about Ethnic Clubs to highlight the diversity of Niles West.

At Niles West, students hail from all over the world, each with a different story. Walking into Greek Club, just one of Niles West’s many ethnic clubs, you get a first hand feel of the culture.

Greek Club is one of many clubs at West that is home to several immigrant students. The way of life in Greece is completely different than in America, including the school system. Sophomore Anastasia Makhmoura is still adjusting to her second year of high school.

“Some of the most different things are the way the people live here is different. The schools are much more organized and bigger, and the weather is colder. I miss the fun, my friends, the beach and souvlakia (greek food),” Makhmoura said.

For other students, the transition was smoother. Senior Maria Eliadis had the move to Morton Grove planned out before leaving Greece.

“At Niles West there are so many people from so many backgrounds, and it is easy to make connections here,” Eliadis said. “My dad was actually born in the Chicago area, so back in Greece we knew that this is where we wanted to come. My father studied here in Chicago, and next year I plan on going to the University of Illinois at Chicago.”

Senior and co-president Despina Baxevanakis has some exciting dances planned for Greek club on international night.

“We are doing three dances: Sustra, Kaliotiko, and Zorba. Sustra and Kaliotiko are our group dances, and Zorba will be the senior dance,” Baxevanakis said.

Greek club members love the community they have created with people coming from the same cultural background.

“Being around other Greek people is awesome, especially because I missed out on it by not going to Greek School. This is a way for me to stay close to my roots and be around a bunch of fun people,” Baxevanakis said..

Be sure to watch the Greek Club perform on International Night on Friday, Feb. 24 at 7:00 p.m.

This is the first story in a series of international week stories for Ethnic Club coverage to highlight the diversity of Niles West.