2017 Spring Preview: Boys Volleyball


By Sidney Hines


As the spring season approaches, boys volleyball is right around the corner. The NWN had a chance to sit down with sophomore Evan Han, who will be playing on the varsity team this season.

NWN: What are you looking forward to for your first varsity season?

Han: I’m looking forward to the new competitive atmosphere. It’s a completely different level of volleyball, and competition should be very challenging. I’m also looking forward to the weekend tournaments because those are usually very fun.

NWN: How do you feel about how your team will perform this season?

Han: Our team’s performance should be decent, but if we continue to develop our team, we should do well. Our team is full of a wide age range so everyone is getting used to each other still. So I think our team will perform pretty well as the season goes on.

NWN: What are some of your teams strengths and weaknesses?

Han: Our strength is probably defense and being scrappy during plays. But we definitely have a lot to work on before our first game. We have to work on our serve-receive and setter-hitter connection with a quicker tempo during games.

NWN: What are some goals you have for this season?

Han: Some of my goals include becoming a better setter and a better all-around player in general. I also just need to work on my consistency as a player as well.

Come out to watch their first home game against Maine East on Wednesday, April 5 at 6:00 p.m. in the contest gym.