Niles West Theatre to Put on Improv Show

By Mara Shapiro

Niles West Theatre is scheduled to put on their annual Improv Show Friday, May 27, in the Black Box Theatre at 4 and  7: 30 p.m.

“It’s something that we do every year. It’s a nice way to end our season,” Theatre Director Andrew Sinclair says.

The shows are completely run and produced by the Thespian board. Tickets are $3, and half the proceeds go to Relay For Life.

Sinclair had open auditions for the two shows, which means that students who weren’t in other Theatre productions could be a part of the final show of  the season.

“It’s always really exciting to see[other students get involved in Theatre],” Sinclair says.

The actors are: freshmen Daniel Bedoya, Lila Gilbert, and Surdeep Chauhan; juniors Anahita Karimi,  Julia Zasso,Samantha Chao, Lauren Langer, and Katie Buckley;  and seniors Aleks Krapivkin, Becca Levy, Ravi Patel, and Sarah Hernandez. Senior Leah Hummel is the coordinator.

” People should come to the show because it is fun….. and it is only $3.  … It is a good comedy interest,” Karimi says.

“[The Improv Show] is a good way to laugh at a really stressful time of the year,” Sinclair says.