Staff Honored at “The You Make a Difference” Breakfast


By Hannah Youkhana

The annual “You Make a Difference” breakfast for faculty members was held on Wednesday, April 26 in the student commons at 7:30 a.m. The purpose of this breakfast was to recognize the impact that staff have on the students and has been an ongoing tradition here at West.

“At its core, the “You Make a Difference” breakfast showcases our humanity as a diverse learning community while simultaneously inspiring others to make a difference in the world,” Principal Dr. Jason Ness said. “This type of acknowledgement creates a ‘pay it forward’ environment and inspires others to get involved, whether that’s inside or outside the classroom,” Ness said.

One student, junior Anna Schafer, jumped at the opportunity to nominate her English teacher, Dena Lichterman, for many different reasons.

“I nominated Ms. Lichterman because she is a great teacher and an amazing person. I look forward to going to her class everyday. She has taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my lifetime,” Schafer said. “I hope to spread kindness and to let everyone know what a great person she is and that she’s an amazing role model.”

Math teacher Margret Glaubke, who was nominated by a student, appreciated the acknowledgement by her students of all her hard work.

“It is a privilege and honor to be nominated. The students at Niles West are very special to me, and I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve been afforded. This nomination is memorable, but the real gift is being able to do what I love with amazing people,” Glaubke said.

Along with Lichterman and Glaubke, the faculty members that are also to be honored are:

Matthew Weatherington, Poonam Patel, Michael Conroy, Howard Swider, Lawrence Fogel, Matthew Hunter, Jean Attig, Elizabeth Ramseyer, Jasminka Jukic, Andrew Jeter, Michael Kucera, Neil Koreman, Rachel Swiercz, Jacalyn Lipka, Michael Nocella, Anthony Serafini, Chris Schwarz, Scott Ackman, Natalie Moscovitch, Colleen Gogerty, Marie Grunst, Joaquin Stephenson, Deanna Sortino, Eric Lueder, Michael Boll, and Dana Des Jardins.