Freshman Friday: Lynn Nguyen


By Farheen Khan

Whether it’s her involvement in Niles West’s a cappella group Guys and Dolls or helping the people around her, freshman Lynn Nguyen holds a passion for everything she does. Nguyen truly strives to make an impact in people’s lives.

While Nguyen didn’t start singing until middle school, her earliest memories show that her passion for performing has always existed, and it keeps growing even stronger.

“I didn’t really start singing until I was in sixth grade. I always loved to sing — I mean, my first memory was going up to some guys singing, ‘Bad boys, bad boys, what’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when they come for you?’ As I grew older, my love of singing grew as well,” Nguyen said. “I know [it sounds] cheesy, but it’s true. I can’t imagine not singing.”

Nguyen appreciates the way content of different songs and lyrics have the ability to move people.

“My favorite part about singing is how people can share the message of a song in so many different ways, and it can affect their audience in many different ways as well,” she said. “I love how emotion can just pour out in song. It’s absolutely amazing how music can affect people’s everyday lives.”

Nguyen’s friends value her selflessness, and they know that they can rely on her for anything.

“I have known Lynn since pre-school, and we have always been there for each other through everything,” freshman Eliza Zarebski said. “I love Lynn because she always brings humor into any situation and is always the person I go to for anything. She is always determined to have everyone at their best, even if that means putting someone before herself.”

Her modest and down-to-earth attitude is something her classmates, peers, and friends recognize and respect.

“I’m constantly impressed with Lynn’s talent and professionalism. Whether she’s singing a solo or in the background, she brings all that she has, really making her enjoyable to watch. As a freshman, she’s got more power, control, and sass in her voice than most people could ever dream of having,” junior Sarah Zasso said. “Lynn always puts a smile on my face. She knows when she needs to be professional, but she also knows when she can be goofy. Lynn’s also super humble. Though everyone knows she has a God-given talent, you’ll never hear Lynn brag or act like a diva. We need more people like her in the world.”

Whether it’s because of her lively personality or her singing voice, it’s easy to spot Nguyen as she walks into the room.

“I’ve known Lynn since kindergarten, but we never really talked until sixth grade, so I’d say [I’ve known her for] about four years,” freshman Jacob Cachila said. “I think Lynn is one of the most vibrant people I know. She makes her presence clear when she steps in the room, and she has always been very outgoing and open to new things. She is unbelievably talented in fine arts and always has been. When she’s not having a conversation with you, she’s probably practicing her singing, which is definitely the one thing people point out when you talk about her. She is one of the most loving and caring friends I know and I wouldn’t want anyone different.”

Nguyen was a part of the Variety Show, Director’s Studio, and RENT. Aside from singing, she enjoys helping people and being there for those in need.

“Other than singing, I love helping out with the community. I know, life of the party here. But really, when I’m older, I hope I can inspire and help those who don’t live in a community that can support them physically and emotionally. Everyone needs someone, and I want to be their ‘someone,'” she said. “I genuinely do love singing, and I really do want to be there for others.”