Open House is Right Around the Corner


By Sam Galanopoulos, Staff Writer

To welcome all students and staff back for the new school year, Niles West is gearing up to host its annual Open House on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Open House is a great opportunity for parents to come to Niles West, walk the halls, meet new teachers, and go through their student’s school day.

Students and staff enjoy watching parents live the life of what their teenagers go through every day. Student activities director Katie Odell makes it a priority to host a very efficient, social event for everyone attending.

“It’s a great opportunity for parents to walk through their child’s schedule and meet their teachers. We work on the logistics like timing, refreshments, tables, classrooms, etc,” Odell said. “We always have a great turn out of parents and there is great energy in the building.”

This event not only allows for parents to experience the physical presence through the building, but they have the opportunity to connect to the environment, teachers, and staff the way students do.

“We host an Open House at the beginning of every year because we know the importance of a strong family-school partnership that effectively supports learning and the healthy development of our students,” principal Jason Ness said.

Students agree that Open House is a great way for their parents to experience high school in a different way. With generations changing over time, many kids feel it is interesting for parents to relive and learn new elements about how high school works now. Junior Ashley Dyer finds it fun for her parents to go back in time while walking through her shoes.

“I like that West has an Open House because it’s fun to hear what my parents have to say about it when they get home. Even though I’ve had two older siblings graduate, [my parents] still get to meet new faces, learn about different curriculums, and see my individual routine for the entire school year,” Dyer said.

On the other hand, some students don’t have a preference regarding whether or not their parents attend Open House. Especially with multiple-sibling families, attendance isn’t always a priority on this specific night. Junior Sammie Simkins, the youngest of four siblings, said her parents may not attend this year.

“I’m the youngest of four siblings, and [my parents] have gone to multiple Open Houses. They don’t feel like they have to hear everything over again, and if they were to come, it would be just to meet my new teachers,” Simkins said.

However, administration still encourages parents to attend Open House. Students will have a late arrival on Friday, Sept. 8 after teachers spend a long evening at school Thursday.