2017-18 Boys Varsity Cross Country Preview


Boys cross country will have their annual West vs North meet on Saturday, Aug., 25.

By Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

As the weather is getting colder, the boys cross country team is preparing to warm-up their muscles and take off. Holding their marks on the start line, the team gets ready to start off another season. They have already set their goals and have their priorities straight.

Since the summer, the boys have been putting in work to get better and to be ready for the upcoming season. The boys are now ready to race with everything they have, knowing they’ve put in the work to become a successful team.

“Our top four goals for this season is to stay healthy, beat North, qualify to state sectionals, and to have at least one state qualifier,” Coach Michael Grossman said. “Some goals for our captains is to be outstanding role models; this year we have 72 kids, a majority of underclassmen, and two captains.”

The seniors this season are really gonna make a difference in whether or not the boys conquer the goals they have set for themselves. The team is lead by senior captains Patrick Holbrook and Robert Majcher. They hope not only to physically lead the team, but to also help the team mentally prepare for their season.

“My goal as a captain this year is to really bring the team together and that we stay and work together as a pack while racing,” Majcher said. “I’m hoping that this season some of us will qualify for sectionals and hopefully state.”

Holbrook has been on varsity since his freshman year, and is one of the most determined and hard-working members of the team.

“I am thrilled, yet upset that this will be my last year running for Niles West. I know that I have given my all to this team to get myself to where I am today,” Holbrook said. “My goals for this team as captain is to better myself as well as getting the team to work together to help everyone improve.”

A freshman to look out for this season who will highly contribute to the team’s success is Cody Slutzky. His extensive background in other sports such as swimming shows on the course and will help revenue points for the team during the races.

“Cody is one of the best freshman. It is a perk to know that the team will have him around for the next few years,” Majcher said. 

Make sure to stop by and support the boys at their home meet next Tuesday, September 12 at 4:30 p.m. You can keep up with the boys’ results on Niles West’s 8 to 18 website.