Important Information on Senior Yearbook Portraits


By Sonja Malek


Deadlines are quickly approaching, and seniors who wish to have their pictures displayed in the yearbook need to follow a different procedure for their photos than other students.

For seniors who only wish to have a standard head shot, photographers from Visual Image Photography (VIP), the company that handles West students’ yearbook photos, will be at Niles West on Tuesday, September 19 from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. to take senior pictures. Those interested in a formal senior portrait package, however, must schedule an appointment either online or by phone with VIP, then go to the studio in Wheeling, IL to have the photos taken.

According to English teacher and yearbook sponsor Sharon Swanson, seniors need to have their photos taken as soon as possible.

“This needs to be done within the next few weeks if you want your picture to be included in this year’s Spectrum [yearbook],” Swanson said in an email to seniors.

At the VIP studio in Wheeling, students have a choice of several different portrait packages. The traditional head and shoulders package is free, and includes seven to ten photos to choose from. Additional sessions are available, including one- and two-outfit shoots ($30 and $40 to sit for the photos, respectively), which include the traditional head and shoulders package as well as additional backdrops and poses. The one- and two-outfit packages include 25 to 30 and 40 to 45 shots each. A full list of session packages can be viewed here.

Senior Sihah Reza scheduled her appointment for a one-outfit package early, and says she had a positive experience taking her photos at the Wheeling studio over the summer.

“My experience there was great,” Reza said. “The photographers were very professional, and they didn’t make it awkward at all, so the photos turned out looking natural. They worked with you and mixed and matched poses and backgrounds in order to get the best possible photos. I was actually able to view my photos the other day, and I was pretty satisfied.”

Senior Kate Pendavinji has yet to take her graduation pictures, but is happy that the photographers will be coming to Niles West on the 19th.

“I’m planning on getting my photo taken here at West,” she said. “The Wheeling location is a little inconvenient since it’s a half-hour drive, so it’s good that they’re coming to us like they usually do.”

Swanson has emailed a full list detailing exactly which seniors have yet to take their pictures. If your name is on it, be sure to attend the Sept. 19 date or book an appointment with VIP by going online or calling 847-499-9300 to schedule a time.