Psychologists at West Promote New Positivity Program

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Psychologists at West Promote New Positivity Program

By Aila Durakovic

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Every year students try to make the most out of the school year just as much as teachers do. Starting this school year, one day out of each month different forms of positivity will be promoted to all students in front of the cafeteria by the Niles West social workers and psychologists.

Jennifer Hahne, one of Niles West’s social workers, notified all of West’s working staff about the program that she created.

“As a department, we decided that we wanted to do something to promote positive school culture and climate. We’re going to pick a topic every month and hold a stand outside the cafeteria. There will be different activities students can participate in and it’ll just all be about positivity,” Hahne said.

Since Niles West is a very diverse school, the staff always tries to make sure everyone is equal and no one is left out. With positivity booming through the halls and settling in the atmosphere, it’ll help students have a better mindset and look forward to the school year.

“We wanted to find a way to connect with all the students in the building while promoting positivity,” Hahne said. “Down here in student services, we see a lot of kids who are dealing with significant issues and it’s good for us to connect with them as well as the rest of the student body while spreading positivity.”

Sophomore Anna Urosev believes this program is such a good idea for Niles West. Urosev was informed about the program from a close friend in homeroom lunch and was pleased with what she heard.

“I think this is going to be such a great program for Niles West,” Urosev said. “Throughout the school year, everyone gets stressed out and is filled with negative thoughts. Sometimes we just need something to help us think on the bright side and that’s where I think this program would help a majority of the students who feel this way.”

Teachers also believe this is a good way for students to interact with the staff. Tasha Nemo, an English teacher at West, strongly believes adding this program to the school is a great benefit.

“Our faculty is taking on the leadership roles that need to be done and are really important. It should always trickle down from staff to students. So I’m all for it,” said Nemo.

The Psychologists are preparing for September’s positivity event, which will take place on the 29th. The topic will be self-awareness.