Meet Me In A Minute: Jennifer Oribello

Meet Me In A Minute: Jennifer Oribello

By Diana Panoutsos, Sports Editor

With all the runners frozen still on the start line, awaiting the whistle and gunshot signaling the start of the race, a pin drop could be heard from the stillness as the runners and fans all hold their breath in anticipation. Amongst the 60 other girls getting ready to endure the challenging three mile race, is junior Jennifer Oribello. As soon as the competitors take off, Oribello can be seen already leading the pack.

Oribello has been on varsity cross country since her sophomore year. Being the top runner this year on the cross team, Oribello has a lot of pressure on her to perform up to her full potential.

“There is a pressure on me but it is because a lot is expected out of me by coaches and my team. I feel like I always have to preform at that certain level. I try to use that pressure to encourage me rather than to worry me. The only thing that I try to focus on is improving myself and beating times from last year,” Oribello said.

Along with excelling at cross country, Oribello is a three sport athlete, also juggling basektball during the winter and track and field in the spring. Some of the challenges for Oribello balancing all three sports include; not getting enough time for homework, and lack of sleep. However, as Oribello has gone through her years of high school, she has gotten good at balancing her busy schedule.

“As I continued to do sports, I learned how to manage my time so I wouldn’t be stressed about having practice and a bunch of homework on the same day. Occassionally, I try to do my assignments ahead of time. A lot of the time I have to stay up late in order to keep up with my academics. Sometimes it’s at the cost of my social life, but it’s ok becasue my friends are on the team with me and understand the struggle,” Oribello said.

Teammate and friend Rachel Cheuk is excited to see how Oribello will do this season, and she has high expectations for her as a teammate.

“As a friend and teammate, I know that this season Jen is going to break her previous best times and make new records for herself. She knows how to push herself during practices and you can definitely see the work she puts in transfer over to her races,” Cheuk said.

Sophomore and teammate Veronika Adamcyk, running times similar to Oribello’s, sees her teammate as a role model and a positive mentor on the course and during practices.

“She tries to push everyone and tries to encourage people to run with her stay in a group during practices. Jen tries to get us to work as a team even during the harder workouts. She is great to run with because she is funny as well,” Adamcyk said.

Some goals Oribello has made for herself include, beating her overall personal best times, and performing up to her full potential.

“My goals for the season include, mainly, to become mentally stronger during races and to eventually beat times. I will do this by pushing through the difficulties that come during three mile races and not letting myself stay at a comfortable pace,” Oribello said.