A Simple, Little Taste of Greece


By Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

A small, Greek restaurant sits at Village Crossing in Skokie, Illinois. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Greek cuisine at a price that is appealing for all. Whether you’re looking for a little taste of Greece, or just a quick bite to take on-the-go, Simple Greek is your best option. 

Walking into the restaurant, one is quick to notice that the entirety of the space is incredibly modern. The atmosphere is lined with a mixture of blue, grey, and black colors. Simple Greek is trying to work its way around the Chicago area, but it is predominantly found on the East Coast. 

Many people always feel that to get a gyro or pita, they should go to Pita Inn; I disagree. I would rather go to Simple Greek. The menu is simple, yet filling. It allows you to eat what you’d like while still being able to walk out satisfied. The food is amazing and truly makes you feel like you’re eating a meal in Greece.

As for the workers, they are always ready to serve you and make it a priority to serve your meal within 5 minutes. If you enjoy Greek food and Chipotle, this is the place to go. Like Chipotle, the toppings sit in front of you, allowing you to choose what you want to put on your meal. It has the same concept and structure as the beloved Mexican fast food chain, yet is cheaper and better tasting.

To top it all off, the food is sold for very good prices. This makes it stand out from its competition, such as Pita Inn and Chipotle. Not only is is cheaper, but it is healthier for you as well. It is a complete win-win situation.  

I ordered a pita bread filled with grilled chicken, village salad, and feta cheese. Altogether it was fresh, and filled with lots of different flavors from the seasoned chicken to the vinegar from the salad. The combination was perfect together, and I’d say that I was pretty surprised. It was the most delicious and satisfying simple meal that I’ve had in awhile.

I would give this place a 10/10, and I highly recommend going there to eat the next time you’re out and hungry. Simple Greek is located right in the center of Village Crossing on Touhy. They are open Mondays-Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Make sure to give this new restaurant a try- you won’t regret it!