Activities Fair to Begin Today

By Mara Shapiro

Did you know that being involved in clubs looks great on a college application and also makes your high school experience more rewarding? Come check out the Niles West activities fair today through Friday outside the cafeteria from third to seventh periods, so that you can become more involved.

Student activities director Jessica Ogulnik says the fair has been going on for more than eight years now. It is where clubs set up booths and try and get students involved. There are many familiar clubs know around the school, and also some developing ones as well.

Ogulnik says that she feels that the activities fair is needed so that kids don’t miss out on the experience of being a part of something bigger.

“A lot of students don’t know all the opportunities available to them, and the fair is a great way to find out about new, amazing clubs and some old ones they don’t know about,” Ogulnik says.

There is a wide variety of clubs on display this year. Some clubs are: DECA, Dance Marathon, Student Government, Wild Wolves, Council for Exceptional Children, RIOT, Niles West News, NWTheatre, Echo Effect/High Fidelity, German Club, SADD Club, WHO Club, Debate, Computer Club, Greek Club, Hebrew Club, and NARWHALES Club, to name a few.

Thomas Jodelka, biology teacher and sponsor of NARWHALES Club, approves of his club being a part of the fair.

“We will have a booth set up for the activities fair because I think it is a great way for our club to find new members of all grade levels. It’s also a way for current members to stay actively involved,” Jodelka says.

Marina Letica, a sophomore and second-year member of Jodelka’s club, will be one of the representatives during third period.

“I want more kids to join [NARWHALES Club] and I think [the fair] is a good way to get kids involved, especially freshmen,” Letica says.

There are more than 85 clubs offered here at Niles West. The wide variety means that there is something for everyone. More and more students get involved every year.

“The more students are becoming involved, the more [they] will enjoy high school,” Ogulnik says.

So if you have a free period during periods third through seventh, make sure you stop outside the cafeteria and check out the activities fair. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a club you really like and become actively involved in it.