National Voter Registration Day to be Held Tuesday

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National Voter Registration Day to be Held Tuesday

By Adisa Ozegovic, Staff Writer

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The National Voter Registration Day will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. outside the cafeteria for all students who will turn 18 by Tuesday, Mar. 20.

In order to sign up, students need to bring two forms of identification: one with their address and the other can be their student ID.

In previous years, voter registration slips have been handed out during homeroom periods. This is the first year that the League of Women Voters will attend to help students sign up.

Students and even faculty are encouraged to come and register if they will be turning 18 before Tuesday, Mar. 20, so they can be able to vote in the primaries.

“I [definitely] encourage students to attend,” Student Activities Director Katie Odell said.”I would even encourage faculty members who need to renew their identification before voting begins. I think it’s a good idea, so students and faculty will be able to vote in the primaries.”

Many seniors intend to take full advantage because they think it’s a good opportunity to become involved.

“I’m going to be signing up,” senior Casey Pasmere said. “Signing up makes me feel like I’m becoming involved as an American citizen.”

Other students will be unable to register due to having classes and being busy throughout the day.

“I can’t sign up during that time because I have classes that need my full attention all day,” senior Zoha Ullah said. “There are other opportunities to sign up anyway.”