Auditioning for Niles West Theatre: 5 Tips From Tricia Pabst


By Nicole Zelazko, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Starting from the age of 8, senior and theatre veteran Tricia Pabst has shined on stage through her talents in the performing arts. Pabst has not only been in six Niles West theatre productions, but she is also an avid member of both the Thespian Troupe and Masters Choir.

With the spring musical auditions underway, here is a list of Pabst’s most important tips and tricks to make sure your audition is the best it can be:


Do your homework!

Never come into an audition without knowing anything about the show. If there is a show that you don’t know very well, look it up, and if there is a movie version, watch it. Googling a synopsis is a great start. When you’re going into an audition, knowing the characters and what the show is about will give you an extra boost of confidence.


Practice and prep. 

Take advantage of the clinics we have for the musicals. Make sure to attend any information meetings and auditions we have. It is important not to miss any crew or cast meetings. Here, you’ll get monologue and/or songs to work on for auditions. Practice, practice, and practice some more. This will make your audition a breeze.


Audition with friends. 

Usually, you’ll audition in groups of 5. If you’re nervous, try auditioning with a friend! This way, there will be a familiar face in the room. Remember- the adults in the room want you to be amazing too.


Be involved.

Sometimes, you might not get into a show you auditioned for. Make sure you stay involved in any way you can. Whether you join scenic, costumes, props, lighting, or sound crew, or maybe you drop in a few times here and there, stay involved! You’ll have a ton of fun joining the theatre family, and you’ll learn a bunch of new skills.


Relax and be confident.

It is very common to get nervous before auditioning for a show. Take a breath, and relax as much as possible. Trust that you prepared yourself, and be confident in your abilities. You might come across a lot of other people auditioning, but don’t get discouraged or intimidated. The directors want to see who you are. Be unique and be yourself!