Dennis Angelov: Boy Braniac


By Abigail Davis, Feature Editor

In a world filled with different groups of people; the athletes, nerds, musicians, it often seems like we let these hobbies define not only how we spend our time, but also who we spend our time with.  However, this is not the case for senior Dennis Angelov, because of his versatility, athletic ability, and intelligence, he is able to excel at a variety of activities.

Angelov isn’t like other students when he comes into a new classroom, the first thing he does is try to create a bond between him and the teacher. Whether this be by making endless jokes or by asking questions so idiotic that the teacher just gives in and laughs. Senior Nate Glancy sees all of these great characteristics firsthand.

“I think Dennis’ best quality is that he can make anything fun. He’s super smart and creative and he makes things like calculus become something people can enjoy. He always finds the best in what he does,” Glancy said. “I think if I had to choose one word it would be innovative. He picks new ways to do new things, and I really find that unique about him.”

One of his past history teachers Matthew Wiemer shares a similar sense of humor with Angelov, making them have a unique bond.

“He rarely wears anything but sweatpants, so I used to give him a hard time about that. He looked like he had given up on life and was going to live in his parents basement until he was 40,” Wiemer said. “He dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and shaved his hideous beard to more resemble Lincoln’s for one of our press conferences. He maybe tells the worst dad jokes of any high school kid I’ve ever met and then laughs hysterically at his own horrible jokes.”

Angelov is known as the class clown, but he is also the person you ask for help when you can’t solve a problem, the one who knows the answer to every question the teacher asks. Angelov’s academic success isn’t only apparent on his report cards, but he is also the recipient of multiple achievement awards.

“I was commended for national merit, I won state medals for science Olympiad, qualified for the state and international level vex robotics competition last year, fifth place at procom, a computer science competition, last year,” Angelov said.

Even for top students, most people don’t even consider applying to Ivy League schools. Angelov decided to reach for the stars, and his goal is to attend either Stanford or Yale next fall. Success like this doesn’t come easily to anyone, but Angelov’s natural comprehension ability makes his life much more simple.

“Good grades don’t come completely effortlessly for me, but I have found that I am able to grasp concepts fairly quickly, so I don’t need to spend much time studying for my classes,” Angelov said. “Instead, I dedicate time to working on my extracurricular activities or learning new things in the subjects that interest me, such as math, sciences, and computer science”

His involvement does not end in the classroom, Angelov is also an extremely well-rounded individual who participates in a variety of activities.

“My school activities are cross country, ping pong club, science Olympiad, vex robotics, tennis, and wyse, and my personal activities are piano, and working on personal computer science projects,” Angelov said.