Organic Life to Feed Niles Township

By Ivana Kosir

Students and faculty members can expect a change in food and prices this school year due to the shift in food service providers from Aramark to Organic Life.

Organic Life provides more nutritious and tastier foods at a low cost, according to principal Kaine Osburn’s letter sent home to parents in July 2011. It serves foods containing whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, and free-range poultry just to name a few.

“D219 recognized the need for students to have healthier and better-tasting food choices at a reasonable cost,” wrote Osburn in the letter.

The following is a list of a few items and their prices that Organic Life has to offer.

Pizza- $3.00
Single Cheeseburger- $3.00
Hot Dog-$3.00
French Fries- $1.50
Cheese Fries-$2.00
Signature Salad- $4.95
Steak Burrito-$3.95
Bagel- $1.50
12-oz Fountain Drink- $0.75
Aquafina- $1.25

Junior Grace Kim said she feels that the prices are too expensive.

“I’d probably buy lunch like, two times a week. I’d rather pack my own lunch because it’s cheaper that way,” Kim said.

Despite the prices, students who have already tried the food say it’s worth it.

“The pizza was really good, and the crust was amazing!” stated freshman Cassie Bergman, who tried the pizza at orientation on Thursday, Aug. 18..