The Best Beauty Gurus to Watch


By Nirvana Meseljevic, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me and love watching makeup tutorials on Youtube in your free time, then you know all the best makeup artists to watch. You definitely have to have heard of the makeup artists Nikkie Tutorials, Manny Mua, and Jeffree Star; they’re my all time favorite Youtube stars for many reasons.

If there’s anyone to watch on Youtube for makeup, it’s one of these three.  They have the most uplifting and positive videos, and I love seeing them create these new looks to show their viewers. Watching makeup tutorials is something I do on the daily, so it’s practically a hobby of mine. It’s such an entertaining thing to do because you get to watch these artists who use makeup as their medium. 

My favorite video from Nikkie Tutorials was her video on “The Power of Makeup.” In this video, she talked about how you shouldn’t be ashamed to wear makeup, and you don’t need to give anyone a reason for why you wear it. It’s just something you’re entitled to and something you can chose to do for whatever reason. To me this video was so true and relatable, because nowadays people think it’s a bad thing to like makeup, when in reality, it’s all up to you.

Jeffree Star uploaded a video called “How I Did My Makeup in High School,” and he commented on how there’s always room to improve with makeup, and as you get older you can find yourself and find out what your style is and what you feel is the best fit for your face. I totally agree with this video, and I like it a lot because it shows the people watching that there’s always room for you to grow. My favorite thing about Star is that he’s always honest about what products he uses and why, and he knows how to apply his makeup without it getting cakey, or looking like he has a lot on, which is something that I try to do when applying my makeup.

If you like to listen to lengthy tutorials on Youtube, I recommend Manny Mua, because he knows how to get into detail on his products and how he likes to do his makeup. He’s very skilled in accentuating his features and he’s also very detailed when it comes to doing his makeup, and he’s good at keeping it natural at the same time. In his videos, he’s really funny, and he makes a lot of jokes that will make you want to watch his videos even more; that’s the reason I love them. His video on budget friendly makeup products helps the viewers with finding drug store products or just inexpensive products in general that still work really well, without you having to spend a ton of money.

Watching makeup tutorials gets even better when you’re watching these three Youtube stars because they know how to help you through the steps of doing your makeup while making you laugh in the process.