Your Senior Year Bucket List

Your Senior Year Bucket List

By Teodora Simic, Staff Writer

Starting the first day of senior year is bittersweet. Not only is it the last year you’ll be with all the people you’ve grown up with, you’re also hoping to move onto better things and chasing your dreams. Seize the final moments you have at Niles West, and try to make this school year the best yet. Here are ten things that every senior should do before they go off to college next fall:

  1. Senior Ditch Day

Every school year, there are unofficial senior ditch days that the seniors collectively decide on. Teachers like to call it “Mommy call me out” day. ┬áTake this day to enjoy yourself with friends: go explore the city, catch up on work, or binge-watch movies all day. It’s a nice break from the stress of applying to college apps.

2. Final Homecoming

The homecoming dance is the indication of the start of a new school year, and for seniors, it symbolizes the start of their final year of high school. The dance is the time to dress up and spend a nice night with your class.

3. Prom

Prom is what every girl has been dreaming of since middle school. Now that it’s senior year, it’s time for everyone to get fully dressed up and spend the night enjoying dinner and dancing. It’s the final thing your entire class does together before graduation. Participating in prom is the final milestone before the day you can officially say you’re done with high school.

4. Spirit Week

The week before the annual pep assembly is always exciting. It’s the time to show school spirit and dress up in various ways. Senior year is the year everybody should give their all when dressing up. It’s the one of your final chances to represent the pride you have for Niles West.

5. Senior Pictures

Senior pictures are special photos that seniors should take. These photos are not only for you, but for your family as well. These photos are done professionally and includes props, various poses, and even outfit changes. It’s also an opportunity to get dressed up. After all, your future kids are going to want to see your photos from senior year.

6. Apply to College

The dreaded college applications are another thing that every senior should complete. It takes weeks to fully complete them to perfection, but it’s another obligation that all seniors must finish. Starting off first semester of senior year means getting recommendations, writing your college essays, and finishing the Common App.

7. Football Games

Football games are a high school tradition. Every senior should attend at least one because it’s the final time you get to sit under those Friday night lights with your friends. Go support your football team, and show your school spirit for at least one night.

8. Field Trips

Go on as many field trips as you can. There are rarely field trips offered your first three years of high school, so when classes begin throwing them at you senior year, go on them. This includes chances to see plays, explore nature, and visit downtown. An added bonus is that you get to miss school.

9. Senior Prank

The senior prank is the final “gift” the seniors leave for Niles West. It’s always something funny that also can annoy teachers. Seniors should participate in it because it’s a tradition that only seniors can do.

10. Graduate!

Graduation is the moment that every senior has been looking forward to and working towards since freshman year. When May comes, put on that cap and gown, and get your high school diploma. It’s the final time you’ll get to stand with your class and enjoy the last few moments you have at Niles West before it’s time for the summer before college.

Senior year is an important year for many reasons, including applying for college. But it’s also a year to spend with your childhood friends in your hometown for the last time. Do whatever you can to make the best of it!