Siblings: A Bond Strengthened by Sports

By Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

A sibling bond is one of the most important things that you can have. It is something that you will have for the rest of your life; whether that be through sports, video games, music, or just a close relationship. Either way, siblings are your best friends for life.

Brother and sister Brandon and Lian Fong share their bond through swimming here at Niles West and for their club team.

“We’ve always been really close, but both of us being swimmers allows us to share a bunch of different connections,” freshman Lian Fong said. “It has allowed my brother and me to create friendships with everyone on the boys and girls team.”

Sophomore Brandon Fong feels the same way feels that same way as his sister.

“My sister and I both swim club, and we always try to help motivate and train each other,” Brandon Fong said. “She is always encouraging me to do my best and is always telling me that everyone is only as good as themself. We both push ourselves to get better as individuals, and we are always helping each other in and outside of the pool, but with everyday life things as well.”

Lian knows that her brother will always be cheering her on no matter what she is doing.

“He’s always given me tips in school and for swimming and always tells me to just have fun and swim whatever race my coach puts me in because they’ll all cheer for me no matter what,” Lian Fong said.

In addition to their own close relationship, the siblings have also formed relationships with other members of their swim team. Senior Jade Oribello has also been one of many to develop a strong friendship with the two from the start.

“I’ve known them for about a year or so, and they’re both two of the most positive, hilarious, and supportive people. They’re both also extremely competitive, and it definitely shows because they were both on varsity as freshmen. They’re both wonderful people and even better together, and I’m extremely grateful to have them both on the team for my last year,” Oribello said.