Freshman Orientation Proves to be a Success

By Ivana Kosir

Freshman orientation, an all-day event that’s purpose is to provide incoming freshmen important information about Niles West and high school while giving opportunities to them to get to know each other, was held on Thursday, August 18.

Freshmen participated in ice breakers, activities, and group games, and watched skit performances during orientation. They later picked up textbooks, netbooks, and walked through their schedules.

Junior mentor Monika Sosnowka said that the orientation did what it was supposed to.

“The activities were based off trust, and [the purpose of the activities] was to learn to trust each other. Overall, it went well,” she said.

Freshmen students said the orientation eased their transition into high school.

“I knew who would be in my homeroom, and what to expect. That helped,” said freshman Jessica Daczo.