Athlete Superstitions: Jacey Trufin


By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

For many athletes, preparation before the game is key to having a good performance; routines and rituals are what set the athlete’s mind to become ready for a game. Some people don’t believe in superstitions, but for those who do, pre-game preparations are taken very seriously.

JV volleyball player and sophomore Jacey Trufin doesn’t like to mess around when it comes to her superstitions. Her routine has started since her volleyball career was first initiated in sixth grade.

“Always on game days, I go to the trainers to get a bag of ice,” Trufin said. “It doesn’t matter whether I need the ice or not, I always get one. I’ll use it to ice my back, or I’ll just eat the ice before the game. Also, I always tie my hair right before warm ups, and I have to wear a headband. I never put my hair in braids or not wear a headband.”

Usually, people don’t tend to share their superstitions with others. Many of Trufin’s rituals are done alone except for the warm up routine.

“Since freshman year, I always warm up with my good friend on and off the court, sophomore Anna Urosev; everyone on the team knows that Anna is my partner for everything. We just have a really strong bond, and we know how to help each other become mentally prepared for the game. When Anna isn’t there, I’m never fully ready for the game,” Trufin said.

Urosev has quite a few superstitions of her own, but the warm up routine shared with Trufin is the most effective.

“Before every game, Jacey and I do our warm ups all in the same exact order, and then we start to pepper,” Urosev said. “It’s such a constant thing that we’ve been doing for a long time together so it helps us focus. Whenever we have to warm up with someone else due to one of our absences, it just doesn’t feel right, and our performance isn’t as good.”

Sophomore and teammate, Audrey Whalen, has noticed many of Trufin’s pregame superstitions and seen over the past two years how they help her do better in the game.

“One of Jacey’s main rituals is her socks,” Whalen said. “She always wears Nike Elite socks or just the long Nike socks with the logo on the sides. If she doesn’t have her socks, then she freaks out, and she won’t play as well in the game. It sounds silly because they’re just socks, but when you have a repetitive routine and something isn’t done the right way, it starts to mess with your mind.”

Preparation really is all it takes for Trufin to play a good game. Routines and rituals may not work for all athletes but in Trufin’s case, they’re a very significant aspect.

“My superstitions really just help me get comfortable for the game. The repetition just helps calm me down and set my mind straight. Once I finish my routine and get onto that court to start the game, I’m prepared to make sure I don’t leave that gym taking a loss,” Trufin said.