Varsity Soccer Defeated in Regional Match

By Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

With twenty seconds left in the game and Loyola leading 2-1, the buzzer goes off ending the game and the wolves’ season. The boys varsity soccer team finished off their last game in an IHSA regional match against Loyola Academy High School this past Wed., Oct. 18. 

“The game was well played by both teams, but with all the prep we had, we should’ve come out victorious,” senior and co-captain Gianni Lohan said. “We had multiple chances that we should’ve converted, but that’s what happens when you don’t capitalize.”

Niles West’s offense was consistent the whole time, using each of their players to carry the ball up the field. Multiple attempts to score were taken, but unfortunately none went in. All of their plays were strong, determined, and consistent, but the boys just weren’t connecting the ball and getting their shots on target.

“We knew that Loyola would be there to challenge us until the last minute and we had many chances to score, but after not putting away those chances, you get punished. Loyola capitalized off our mistakes fifteen minutes in the second half and ended up securing the game 2-1,” senior and co-team captain Edin Sabovic said.

Though the boys varsity team lost, they did play a strong, and memorable game. They played their hardest and never gave up, which is what made this loss emotional for the team.

“It was a very emotional game for us and we knew how high the stakes were. It was either a win or go home game and we all tried to put in a good performance to come out with the win, but unfortunately we didn’t,” junior Patrick Juszczyk said. “I was very sad and disappointed to know that this game was the last of the season because I felt like we could’ve achieved much more and went further in the playoffs because we have a good and quality team.”