Cheesin’ For Grilled Cheeses


By Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

Settled in the middle of downtown Evanston, in the heart and soul of Northwestern’s college town, sits this small shop named Cheesie’s Pub & Grub. The dark yet relaxed atmosphere is filled with yellow walls and many different types of paintings. Their menu, a huge chalkboard hung up on the walls, provides many different options for appetizers and meals.

I was so overwhelmed by the menu, seeing as there are so many different options and combinations to try, but in a good way. I ended up having the tenderizer, and let me tell you, it was amazing. The tenderizer was filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, fried chicken tenders, hot sauce, bacon, and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ on Texas Toast with a side of dipping ranch. I didn’t get the hot sauce or bacon because of my own preferences, but I’ve heard that the sandwich is just as good with everything on it. I was not at all expecting to enjoy the barbecue sauce with the cheese, but it actually all went perfectly well together.

The tenderizer was $9.49, plus a drink if you choose to get one. If you were to go to Jimmy Johns, you’d only be able to choose from a limited selection, but would be able to get a sandwich for about $5.50; talk about what regular prices look like at other places. Although Cheesie’s has appetizers and sandwiches that are kind of pricey, I think it is well worth it. This idea of making different combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches is not only creative and delicious, but there’s nothing really out there like this.

Each sandwich you order comes with a dipping sauce that goes perfectly well with the sandwich. The choices range from ranch, BBQ sauce, and tomato soup. Tomato soup may seem like an odd choice for a dipping sauce, but it actually ties the flavors in all together and completes the meal. It is also a very common and popular choice to many. Tomato soup is a weird choice as a sauce and is a bit unique, but it is apparently popular and works well with the sandwiches. 

My first thought was to go in and have a normal grilled-cheese sandwich, but Cheesie’s definitely showed me that there is always more you can do with your everyday grilled cheese. I would definitely recommend stopping by and giving it a try if you’re in the area. If you’re skeptical about the price, I would definitely recommend that you overlook that and think about the amazing and satisfying meal that you’re buying. The uniqueness of this idea is right there in the sandwiches.