Houston Astros Win the World Series

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Houston Astros Win the World Series

By Michael McKay, Staff Writer

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The long road to win it all is finally over: the Houston Astros have won the World Series. With a score of 5-1 in Game 7, the Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in one of the most exciting World Series to date. The Astros won games two, three, and five, and the Dodgers won games one, four, and six. The Astros outnumbered the Dodgers in total runs during the series, 34-32.

The 2017 MLB has been called the “Season of the Homer,” as a new record of total home runs hit in a single season reached 6,105. It only makes sense that this World Series also broke a record for most home runs, as well. The Astros and Dodgers pulled off a total of 25 home runs, beating the previous record of 21 from the 2002 World Series. The Astros also broke the record for most single-team homers in the World Series, with 15. Astros outfielder George Springer was named World Series MVP, as he batted a .379 and hit five homers in the World Series, including one in Game 7.

Shortstop Carlos Correa walked out of the game with more than just one ring, however. Correa proposed to his girlfriend, former Miss Texas Daniella Rodriguez, during a post-game interview.

West baseball fans swayed more towards supporting the Astros for a variety of reasons. Junior and baseball player Bradley Pawlow rooted for the Astros because of one of their star players.

“It’s kind of funny, actually,” Pawlow said. “I wanted the Astros to win because of Jose Altuve. He’s only like five and a half feet tall, compared to all the other ball players who are all over six feet. It’s like a little reminder to me because I’m not even 5’6″ but I don’t let it get to me and I get to prove everyone wrong with my skills, just like Altuve does.”

Junior Adnan Perazic wanted the Dodgers to lose as revenge for knocking the Chicago Cubs out of the playoffs. He also loves the Astros lineup.

“The Dodgers thought they had it, but they were just too cocky. Guys on the Dodgers like Yasiel Puig need to stop bragging because they’ll just end up embarrassed in the end. Plus, I was not about to start rooting for the Dodgers after beating the Cubs. But George Springer, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa are just insane. So many home runs, it was fun to watch them. They deserved it more,” Perazic said.

Senior Wil Shemroske wanted the Astros for different reasons; he liked the idea of Astros winning the World Series for the first time.

“I’m always a fan of first timers. The Dodgers have already won the World Series a handful of times, but the Astros have never won. This would just be another trophy on the shelf for the Dodgers, but it’d be the first for Houston. I’m glad they won,” Shemroske said.

The city of Houston had a huge parade celebrating their team’s first World Series win last Friday, with over one million fans in attendance. This is the city of Houston’s first professional sports championship since the Houston Rockets basketball team won back-to-back championships in the mid-1990’s.

All MLB teams will report to Spring Training for next year’s season in February 2018.