Cap and Gown Forms Due November 17


By Isa Gil, Social Media Editor

Graduation may seem far away for seniors, but slowly and surely it is approaching around the corner. Along with the big day coming up, the graduation cap and gowns forms are due soon.

“Seniors have to fill out the packet they got during our homeroom speech and get them in by two dates. The dates are Nov. 16 and 17, where they can turn in their cap and gown orders. The payment must be accompanied by either by check or credit card, I will not take cash,” executive secretary Heidi Richards said.

If seniors do not turn in their forms by those two dates, they may still turn in forms later, but they will have to pay a late fee.

The cap and gown order forms gave some students a reality check that they are soon graduating and going to be in college.

“Getting the cap and gown order forms this early is a reality check that us seniors are graduating soon. I have spent the last four years here, and its hard to believe that we are going to graduating already. I still remember freshman year like it was yesterday,” senior Sami Massih said.

Many seniors are getting excited about their graduation just from getting the forms for cap and gown.

“After going to the homeroom meeting for all seniors and getting our forms for the cap and gown, I got really excited cause it is a really special time in our lives, and it is all starting so soon,” senior Jackie Calderon said.