2017-18 Co-ed Cheerleading Preview


The varsity cheer team performs at the homecoming pep assembly on Fri., Oct. 6.

Michelle Carrillo

By Isa Gil , Social Editor

Winter has arrived in full force. For many, this may be a reality check to the harsh season ahead, but for others, the changing weather brings about new sports, one of which is cheerleading.

The cheerleading competition season is just around the corner, and the athletes can hardly wait. Along with their eagerness to begin, they also have very high hopes for the season ahead.

“For my upcoming season I have extremely high expectations for the team and myself. We have a lot of returning athletes as well as our coaching staff, so it’s been pretty easy for us to all work together and get things done,” senior and captain Christina Lee said.

The cheerleaders are coming into the season strong and are showing a lot of promise.

“As far as strengths go, our team is a little smaller this year, and I think it’s to our advantage because there’s absolutely no room for anyone not committed and willing to work as hard as everyone else on the team. For weaknesses, we’ve had to deal with some injuries in the past few weeks and had to change some major parts of our routine, but we always pull through and I expect nothing less this time around,” Lee said.

Injuries for a cheerleader is not a rare thing to find, due to the high risk and difficult stunts, yet despite the injuries they still love cheer.
“I am very excited for this upcoming season even though I will be out for the first competition due to an injury in my abdomen,” junior Leanza Diaz said.
As in every sport, there is always room for improvement. Diaz believes that once the team fixes the minor issues, they will be better than ever.
“The only thing that we need to get done is complete our routine because we have not run through it fully. I know my team will work hard to place at our competition this year,” Diaz said.
Not only are the cheerleaders excited for their season, but fans also cannot wait to go watch them at basketball games.
“I’m excited for the cheerleading season to start because one of my best friends is on the team, and I can’t wait to see how all her hard work and dedication will pay off when we see her perform,” senior Lisa Jahjah said.