Board Issues Letter of Directive to Former President Sproat


Panoutsos, George

Former school board president and current school board member Mark Sproat

By Grace Geraghty, Editor-in-Chief

The district 219 board of education approved a resolution for a “letter of directive” to school board member and former president Mark Sproat at a special board meeting on Mon., Nov. 20.

The letter comes following the culmination of an investigation into Sproat’s alleged abuses of power to benefit his children during his tenure as school board president between 2015 and 2017; the investigation was launched last spring amid allegations that Sproat harassed former girls varsity basketball coach Tony Konsewicz, leading to his resignation as coach.

David Ko was elected as the new board president in May 2017 after Sproat did not run for reelection, and he was the author of the directive, which was discussed in closed session among the school board members prior to the open session at Monday’s special meeting.

“We are hereby directing you to adhere to the standards described above for the remainder of your service as a board member,” Ko wrote in the letter. “While we value your voice and perspective, we also insist that your conduct reflect the utmost respect and professionalism to all stakeholders in the school community.”

Sproat remains a board of education member, and it is unclear if any further action will be taken against him by his fellow school board colleagues.