Adnan Perazic: Classroom Joker

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Adnan Perazic: Classroom Joker

By Michael McKay, Staff Writer

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Comedian, football player, chinstrap beard… All of these things come to mind when people hear the name Adnan Perazic. A junior at West, Perazic is well-known for being absolutely hysterical and for being one of the toughest football players on the team. Perazic is pretty much just a big teddy bear until he straps on his football gear and turns into a grizzly bear.

Perazic is also known among his friends for being insanely funny. He loves to make people laugh, and he tries to make any given situation a fun one.

“I love to make everyone laugh and make any situation funny. I like to have fun, but I know when to be serious. If it’s not a super-serious situation, I’ll say dumb things or do stupid things just to get a laugh out of someone and have a good time. Life is too boring when you’re not laughing,” Perazic said.

One of Perazic’s close friends, junior Josiah Shin, talks about Adnan’s humor and how he can make everyone’s day.

“Adnan knows how to lighten up any situation. His humor makes everyone laugh. No matter how gloomy the atmosphere may be, he can brighten it up with a few jokes. He isn’t ashamed to make jokes about himself either. You don’t really see that a lot these days. He’s just too funny, that’s all I can say,” Shin said.

Perazic is also quite the joker in the classroom. His U.S. History teacher, Ms. Linda Dunne, talks about her sixth-period class clown.

“[Adnan] has a witty banter which I really love. He jokes around a lot with his other classmates during sixth-period, especially with Christian Lewis. Adnan doesn’t point jokes at other students. He sometimes points jokes at himself which not only makes others laugh but even makes himself laugh. He’s just a really good sport,” said Dunne.

Outside of the classroom, Perazic is also big on football. He started playing football at a young age and has been hooked on it since. Perazic was also a starter for the varsity football team on both the offensive and defensive line.

“I grew up watching the Chicago Bears and watching them really got me interested in football. So, in fourth grade, I decided to actually start playing and I absolutely loved it. But [varsity football] is a whole new ball game. Everything is so fast and chaotic. But the feeling of playing under the Friday night lights in front of all your fans is very satisfying and chilling. It’s great getting to truck someone and not getting in trouble for it,” joked Perazic.

Whether it be in class or on the field, with a wide smile always imprinted on his face, Perazic is without a doubt an original guy. Nobody will make you laugh harder, and you wouldn’t want anybody else to be on your team.