Holiday Choir Concert To Be Held This Wednesday


By Katerina Paulos, Staff Writer

This Wednesday, December 6, the Niles West choir members will be taking the stage to put on their annual holiday show. The concert will include the students performing a variety of music in honor of the winter season.

The students will be preparing different types of music with different levels of difficulty for their audience.

“They will be honoring Christmas, Hanukkah, and will be performing a spanish-folk song, along with some very difficult literature. This will be the first time our program will perform a big, combined piece with all the choirs involved, which will be very exciting,” choral director Matthew Hunter said.

The choir program is trying to make the concert as fun and festive as possible, and hope to make it very eye-appealing to their audience. Choir students were asked to bring in a box wrapped in Christmas paper to decorate the stage to help set the tone. The students are working diligently to prepare for the concert, working day in and day out to perfect their pieces for the audience.

“During the week, students have been practicing every day for the past month. We also will have a combined rehearsal the day before the show to do one final run through with all the students,” Hunter said. “Student leaders will go over parts for the other choirs, then they will all come together and combine all aspects.”

Acapella and choir members have been putting in their best effort to make the concert as amazing as possible, and they can’t wait for all their hand work to show off.

“The winter concert is going to be great. I know the girls in my choir have been working very hard and I think the performance is going to reflect that. I am looking forward to impress the other choirs with our piece ‘The Snow’ because it is a very deep and spiritual song,” junior choir member Loredana Lohan said.

Members of the choir are also very excited for the audience to see all the choirs and Acapella groups come together.

“I’m excited to showcase the talent and all the dedication the choirs and Acapellla groups have done so far this year,” Acapella member Gina Kostovetsky said. “We have been preparing with daily rehearsals and tons of sectionals, so it’s really exhilarating to finally let all their work pay off.”

The choir program looks forward to their show and hopes everyone comes to watch them perform and support their hard work.