Sam Plusker: Dedicated and Kind In and Out of the Water

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Sam Plusker: Dedicated and Kind In and Out of the Water

By Katerina Paulos, Staff Writer

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Ever since he was a young boy, junior Sam Plusker has had a connection with the water. He has practiced and improved his skills as a swimmer, resulting in his accomplishments for the Niles West Boys Swimming Team.

Plusker cites his favorite parts of swimming as being the joy he gets from it and ability to set and achieve goals.

“I’ve taken swim lessons since I was little, but I started swimming competitively freshman year. I like swimming a lot because it’s very fun and allows you to set a lot of goals for yourself,” Plusker said.

Plusker not only focuses on his swimming but also on school and his extracurricular activities.

“I’m in a lot of challenging classes this year, like AP U.S. History, honors ALC, and more. I’m also in Relay For Life on top of swimming. It’s very challenging and sometimes is hard to remain focused, but it overall helps me stay focused and committed,” Plusker said.

All his friends are very supportive and proud of the dedicated student and athlete Plusker has been and continues to be.

“Sam and I have been best friends since sixth grade. He’s very dedicated to swimming and water polo. He’s a very good and dedicated athlete who is good at what he does. Sam is a very smart guy who tries hard in school and values his academic potential,” junior Simon Shamoon said.

Swimming has not only benefited Plusker physically but socially, as well.

“I enjoy swimming because it’s really good for your body and works out muscles that usually aren’t being worked out. Being a part of a team is really fun and exciting, and it is somewhere I’ve made a lot of friends and relationships,” Plusker said.

His teammates are thankful to have him as a friend and teammate to count on. It’s not always easy to play a sport full time, but Plusker has learned to better manage his time throughout the years.

“Swimming has really taught me how to manage my time and make commitments. Being on the swim team means you have to be working for something greater than yourself. Sometimes, you’re really tired or you have a lot of homework, but you still have to go to practice and give it your all because it is your commitment,” Plusker said.

Plusker is looking forward to another season on the swim team and is enthusiastic about improving his skills and continuing to expand his friendships.