2017-18 Bulls Season Update


By Sidney Hines, Sports Social Editor

As the 2017-18 NBA season winds down, Bulls fans everywhere are left with yet another season of loss and disappointment. The Bulls currently have a record of five wins and twenty loses, leaving them 15th in the Eastern Conference and disqualifying them from clinching a playoff spot. This season has been filled with losses and disappointment for Bulls fans, and with a current .200 win to loss ratio, let’s just say there is a lot of room for improvement.

These losing seasons seem to be frequent for the Bulls, with the last National Championship win occurring in the 1997-98 season. Many Bulls fans are calling for a change in the current coaching staff, but others believe the Bulls may be trying to rebuild and start a franchise.

Junior Christian Lewis admits that although the Bulls season has been less than satisfactory, the only way they can go from here is up.

“The Bulls are an inexperienced team, especially after trading out their leading scorer, Jimmy Butler, and veteran Dwayne Wade,” Lewis said. “Without the leadership of those two experienced players, they aren’t the Bulls they used to be. With a new team that is filled with new people, they don’t have the chemistry and trust that other teams have. That’s expected though, but within the next couple of years the Bulls will definitely be a top team in the East.”

Junior Lidia Fakhoury expressed that she misses how the Bulls used to play, but she is still optimistic about the future of the team.

“It’s very disappointing to watch a team like the Bulls [go from playing] so well a few years ago to now not playing well at all. As a fan, it stinks knowing the team you’ve always rooted for went downhill, but hopefully, better things will come up soon. I miss watching the Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng-era where they entertained Chicago and won games,” Fakhoury said.

Many Bulls fans think a change in the coaching staff would help the Bulls team in the long run. Junior Sam Plusker thinks the Bulls need to begin their rebuilding effort there, but in the meantime, he finds little enjoyment in continuously watching the team lose.

“I don’t like the coaching staff this year,” Plusker said. “It was great, and now it’s bad. Back in the 1990s and even during the 2010 season, we were playing really well and had a good shot at winning. We don’t have any shot at winning now. We don’t have big names, after trading Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler. It’s just not fun to watch this year.”