Tamar Boghossian: A Friend in Disguise


By Christina Lappas, Managing Editor

If you are ever struggling in a class and need to get some help or simply have a required visit by a teacher, the Lit Center is the place to go. When walking into the Lit Center on any given day, you are automatically greeted with a wide smile from the Literacy Center clerk Tamar Boghossian.

Boghossian has worked at West for four years and still looks forward to coming to work every day. 

“When I come to work, I enjoy seeing the kids. I really enjoy seeing and chatting with them every day. I always felt like I mattered here. My feelings really haven’t changed. I’m just appreciative and thankful,” Boghossian said. 

Although there are multitudes of special moments Boghossian has encountered so far while working here, there was one time specifically that has a special place in her heart.

“There are several, but one time [literacy center director MichaelKucera asked students to write something on a note-card for me on my birthday. It was so sweet and special. I also do really enjoy it when students take time out their day just to say ‘hi.’ It makes me smile,” Boghossian said.

Senior Jackie Calderon appreciates the kindness and support that Boghossian radiates.

“Her personality sets her apart from any staff member at West since she cares so much about every individual that walks through the lit center doors. Ms. B has a smile that can light up anyone’s day, and she never fails to make me laugh. She turns the lit center into one of the most welcoming places at West,” Calderon said.

When not focusing entirely on school, Boghossian is also a shoulder to lean on when needed.

“She impacts my day constantly since I am always in the lit center during my free periods. She is someone I know I can always talk to. She gives me advice on almost everything, from what to do in school to any life problems I am having,” Calderon said. “I am so grateful to have someone as incredible as Ms. B in my life because she is one of the few adult figures that constantly makes my day better. She fills every room she’s in with positivity, and I can’t imagine West without her.”

Senior tutor leader Sam Aljupoor thinks that Boghossian makes the Lit Center a positive environment.

“Ms. B has connected to most of my peers and me in a different way. Her bright, positive attitude has a big impact on students, as she somehow can always find a way to relieve a student of their stress, simply by talking to them,” Aljupoor said. “As a senior, I tend to reflect back on my high school years and going to the lit center almost every day is probably the best decision I ever made. It’s people like Ms. B who spend time making the lit center environment a nice atmosphere to teach and learn.”

Whether it be in the Lit Center or in the halls, Boghossian appreciates the people she encounters and the relationships she makes along the way.

“You know, it’s funny. You end up building special bonds with students. We see each other every day. I sometimes feel like their super older sister; it’s great. I love being here for them. I hope they know that, too,” Boghossian said. “It’s special seeing the kids grow year to year. I learn so much from these goofballs. Most importantly, I feel like I’m part of a really large family.”