5 Sweet Spots For Your Holiday Break Dinners


By Teodora Simic, Staff Writer

Chicago is known for all the holiday activities that take place during the holiday season. From the Christkindlmarket to Zoo Lights, the city goes all out to decorate and celebrate the holiday season. Along with various activities that can be done downtown, there are many restaurants and cafes that decorate for the holiday and incorporate holiday themed food and drinks. Here are some places you can visit for a holiday themed meal or drink:

Atwood Cafe 

Right in the middle of the Loop is a cozy cafe that is the perfect place to go to for a quick bite to eat. During the holiday season, Atwood Cafe transforms itself into a holiday den, containing gorgeous wreaths, Christmas trees, huge bows, and lots of cute flowers. The mood of the cafe because primarily holiday cheer. There is even a designated Holiday Tea Time, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, so grab a couple friends, and make a reservation today!

The Walnut Room 

If anyone knows about Chicago, then they know the massive Christmas Tree that is right in the middle of The Walnut Room, located in Macy’s. The tree reaches the ceiling, and The Walnut Room provides a separate stair case that people could go up to see the top of the tree. They have a separate holiday menu filled with traditional holiday dishes such as Mrs. Hering’s 1890 Original Chicken Pot Pie. If you’re in the holiday spirit, go visit The Walnut Room for the mesmerizing tree and the holiday themed dishes.

Lockwood Bar 

In the lobby of one of the oldest hotels in Chicago is a quaint restaurant and bar that portrays the classic Christmas scene. With a large tree overlooking the bar, and glowing wreaths and Christmas florals that surround the place, it truly ignites holiday cheer in anyone who decides to give it a chance. Visit Lockwood Bar today and try their famous brownies that were originally made for the Colombian Exposition World’s Fair in 1893.


Among the various Italian restaurants in Chicago, one stands out from the rest, especially during the Holiday season. Filini decorates the entire ceiling with glass ornaments, and a large Christmas tree made out of modern spheres right in the entryway of the restaurant. Along with the gorgeous holiday decorations, Filini also provides Eggnog kits. For anyone who enjoys Eggnog, Filini provides a kit that allows you to create various Eggnog creations. If you enjoy Eggnog, grab a couple friends and go enjoy some!

Butch McGuires 

Butch McGuires is a family owned restaurant that embraces tradition, especially around the holidays. It’s a Chicago bar that is filled with over-the-top holiday decorations. They have an endless string of garlands and lights that are strung across the ceiling. Butch McGuires also fills the place with toys, ornaments, and motorized vehicle toys. Along with all of the extra decorations for the holidays, there is also a large train that rides through the length of the bar. If you’re feeling the spirit of the holidays and want a place to eat some good food, then Butch McGuires is the place for you.

There are various restaurants and places to eat in Chicago, but during the holidays, every part of Chicago transforms into an urban Santa’s little village. Next time you’re craving a bite to eat, check this list, choose a place, grab some friends, and go!