Students: Return First-Semester Textbooks During Finals Week


By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

The end of the semester is right around the corner and all students can think about is the two-week winter break. Many students are finishing up their one-semester course and will most likely have a book they need to return. It is mandatory that students return textbooks that will no longer be needed for the second semester during the days of finals at the textbook center, room 1165. Students will have all of next week to return books until Dec. 22 by 1 p.m.

Sandra Weinketz, Textbook Center manager would like for all students to be well aware that one-semester textbooks are due by next week.

“All students have until Friday of next week which is Dec. 22 by 1 p.m. to return all one-semester course textbooks,” Weinketz said. “Once they return the book, they can pick up their second-semester book(s) right away so they can save time and not have to wait in a long line to pick it up second semester. Students must return their first-semester book before they can receive their second-semester book(s).”

Students often forget about textbook returns because they’re so focused on studying for finals and daydreaming about winter break. Seniors who have been at Niles West longer than the rest of the student body are probably the only ones who really remember to return textbooks.

“I’ve definitely forgotten to return a few textbooks throughout my past high school years,” senior James Nguyen said. “I’ve been fined for all the times I forgot to return my textbooks but I’m definitely well aware this semester about returning my textbooks on time because I’m going to be needing my second-semester books and I rather just get them right after I return my first semester books.”

Even though a lot of students are forgetful about textbook returns, there are others who remember to return their textbooks on time. Sophomore Liliana Youkhana has always stayed on top of returning her textbooks on time.

“My teachers usually remind me to return my textbooks once we stop using them in class and they announce that the books will no longer be in use so I might as well return them. I also feel that it’s much easier to just get your second-semester books during finals week so you won’t have to wait in the super long line in the textbook center during second semester,” said Youkhana.

It is highly recommended that students return their books sometime next week and receive their second semester books in return to save time. All students should be receiving emails of the lists of books they will have to return by the end of first semester from Weinketz.