Alabama Wins College Football Championship


By Michael McKay, Staff Writer

On Mon., Jan. 8, the Alabama Crimson Tide narrowly defeated the Georgia Bulldogs in overtime by a score of 26-23 to win the NCAA College Football Championship. Alabama has been in the Championship three years in a row, and this is their second win during that span. This is also their fifth title in nine years.

What started as a game that was in Georgia’s favor turned chaotic. Alabama starting quarterback Jalen Hurts was having trouble connecting with his receivers, and the offense was making no progress. Georgia had a 13-0 lead on the Crimson Tide, and Alabama head coach Nick Saban knew they needed a change on the field. The coaching staff decided to replace Hurts with freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. This move ultimately proved to be their best decision, as Tagovailoa was statistically more efficient than both Hurts and Georgia QB Jake Fromm. Tagovailoa completed 14-of-24 of his passes for 166 yards and three touchdowns, in just two-quarters of play.

The game became tied at 20 points apiece and headed to overtime as Alabama kicker Andy Pappanatsos missed a chip-shot field goal that would have won the game for Alabama. While in overtime, Georgia kicked a field goal to take the lead 23-20; however, Alabama responded with a 41-yard touchdown pass to win the championship 26-23.

West students were very surprised by the outcome of this game, but many were ecstatic to see a young quarterback step up and win the biggest game in college football. Senior Wil Shemroske was especially surprised with the performance of the true freshman quarterback from Alabama.

“Coach Nick Saban [of Alabama] made the boldest decision in college football. Throwing in a true freshman with little experience into a championship game is unheard of, but [Tagovailoa] did it. He stepped up and pulled out the ‘W’. I think he’s going to be the future of ‘Bama football for the next two years,” Shemroske said.

Other students, however, were not so happy with the final score. Juniors Adnan Perazic and Sean Eslick were very upset at Georgia’s ending performance.

“[Georgia] blew it. They choked. How do you lose a 13-point lead and then let a true freshman QB obliterate your defense? It’s honestly just embarrassing. ‘Bama doesn’t even deserve it; they’re in the championship game too often,” Perazic said.

“It was a very disappointing ending. ‘Bama has already won so many championships. Georgia deserved it so much more. Very disappointing,” Eslick said. “But that missed field goal at the end of the fourth quarter was too funny!”

The 2018-19 regular season for NCAA Football is scheduled to start on Aug. 30, 2018.