Five No-Makeup Makeup Looks


By Christina Lappas, Managing Editor

Everybody has times where they find a model’s Instagram and stalk their page like crazy. In the vast majority of their posts, they look stunning. But they’re models; it’s their job. Whether it’s admitted or not, many high schoolers are conditioned to focus on looks. Everyone is pretty in their own way, but it’s practically inevitable to hit some low points in your teenage years, and you want to be able to “pop-out” and pick yourself back up again. In my 16 years of life, I have accumulated vast experience and here are  some natural beauty hacks that help me feel great.

  1. Curl Your Lashes: I personally love mascara and base a majority of my looks off it. So when I’m not wearing mascara, I initially feel bare, like a naked mole rat. I wanted a change, and I’ve recently come across an eyelash curler. I always knew they existed, but I never thought they worked until I tried one. I felt reborn. Without makeup, but with a simple tool, I felt as if I had transformed myself by hardly doing anything.
  2. Lip Tint/Chapstick: I am such a fan of a glossy lip. I think that adding a smidgen of color, or even a clear gloss, to lips can complete a look and make it go from a 7/10 to a 10/10. Again, this is so minimalistic, yet I feel that it appears as if I spent a lot more time creating a look than I actually did. Lips naturally stand out on your face, so why not make them pop?
  3. Highlighter: Naturally, the sun and lights are drawn to the high points of the face. Accentuating them draws additional attention to whichever points are picked — typically cupids bow, the tip of the nose, high points of the cheekbones, and eyebrow arches. By adding a touch of liquid highlighter, or even just adding some Aquaphor —  like Zendaya — has the power to make your face look like it’s glowing from within by simply doing the bare minimum.
  4. Rosy cheeks: I know that when summer hits, so does my sunburn; but in all honesty, I love the way sunburn looks on my cheeks. Therefore, when summer fades away, I’m left with a pale complexion and no life until…blush! I personally don’t wear blush too often because I naturally blush, but gently dabbing a red or pink lipstick to your cheeks can give your cheeks that fresh, summer look.
  5. Brows: I had never been one to fill in my eyebrows until this year, but once I started, I just could not stop. By taking a little bit of pomade and filling in sparse areas to really emphasize the shape, brows can be reconstructed into sharp, perfectly arched features. My personal favorite trick is taking a spoolie and combing through my eyebrows with some eyebrow gel. Your eyebrows will stay in place all day, and they’ll still look shaped yet natural.

Although none of these beauty hacks are necessary by any means in order to feel pretty, I adore them and stand by them fully. To me, these are all tiny pick-me-ups whenever needed. They’re quick to complete, they take little-to-no effort, and they’ll make you feel like the Insta model you really aren’t. Yay!