Junior High Art Show To Be Held Tomorrow


Nirvana Meseljevic

Junior Kylie Ramirez creates colorful drawings at the art table.

By Sidney Hines, Features Editor

The junior high art show will be held on Wed., Jan. 31 at 7:00 pm. The art show exhibits pieces created by junior high students and selected by their art teacher. This art show is an annual event at Niles West and allows future art students to be recognized for their work and also gives them the chance to get to explore and learn more about the fine arts program at West.

Junior Paige Garland believes the junior high art show is a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing art in high school.

“My favorite part of the art program at Niles West is all the opportunities you get, like getting to submit your work to a lot of shows and getting your work seen by a lot of people,” Garland said. “In our art program, you get a lot of room to experiment and find your personal style, which is really nice. Advice to all the students interested in pursuing art: take all the art classes you can, and you will see the massive improvements in your work.”

Many current members of the West fine arts program urge freshman to take art classes as soon as possible; junior Julia Matuszek expressed her love for the art program at West.

“My favorite part of the art program is the sense of togetherness that is in it,” she said. “I feel like everyone in the program are so nice and kind to each other. To all incoming freshmen interested in the program, I advise them to join it right away because West has so many fun and interesting classes that if you want to take them all, you have to start early. One of my biggest regrets is waiting until sophomore year to start taking art electives.”

The junior high art show is a great opportunity for students to experience what it feels like at an art show. Junior Uros Tubic once participated in the junior high art show and encourages students to follow in his footsteps and take art in high school.

“The art program at Niles West offers classes and extracurriculars for all types of artists,” Tubic said. ¨Our passionate teachers, who are so involved with their students, are what makes the program special. My advice is to step out of your comfort zone and take a class that you wouldn’t normally take. You never know where you’ll find a hidden talent or passion.”