International Week: Chinese Club

Christina Lappas


Christina Lappas

Chinese Club rehearsing their dance for International Night.

By Abigail Davis, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of International Week stories about ethnic clubs to highlight the diversity of Niles West.

Chinese Club is more than just a meeting students attend after school; it’s a safe place where a great deal of people feel comfortable and included. While a big part of the club is to learn about Chinese Culture, another is to dance to different types of music.

Chinese teacher and club sponsor Wileen Hsing appreciates all that Chinese Club brings to the table and hopes her students become more educated and immersed in the culture.

“People should join Chinese Club because it’s a fun way to make new friends and learn about the Chinese culture and de-stress after a long day,” Hsing said. “We do some community service activities, and most of the year we spend practicing for international fest. We usually do a traditional fan dance and a modern dance to Chinese pop music. Chinese Club is a nice place for students who are interested in Chinese culture to get together and strengthen their bonds.”

Chinese Club has allowed junior Albert Thai to find a welcoming community that he feels a part of.

“I joined Chinese Club because it gave me something to do outside of normal every day activities, so my brother recommended Chinese Club because he was in it before. At first I was nervous about it because I’m not the best around new things, but over time, I think I’ve really gotten used to it and now enjoy my time here because there are lot of cool and nice people. Everyone is welcome here,” Thai said. “Being and talking with people is my favorite part because we have a really relaxed atmosphere in here. We’re all here to have a good time, not just learn dances.”

Freshman Amy Hernandez is a first year member, but she already feels a part of the club because she gets to participate in activities she’s passionate about.

“At first, my friend wanted me to join because we wanted to hang out more, but then there was a lot of dancing that’s also included in the club, and I really like dancing so that made me become even more committed. I also really appreciate Chinese culture. I just love dancing and the people because they’re all super fun and nice. We’ve been practicing a lot for International Night.”

Make sure to stop by Chinese Club every Wednesday in room 2320 right after school and check out their routine during International Fest at Niles West on Fri., Feb. 9.