Annual International Night Held on Tuesday Night

Paulette Villagran

By Adisa Ozegovic, Staff Writer

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The annual international night took place on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 7:00 p.m. The night was initially scheduled for Friday, Feb. 9, but was rescheduled due to the snow day.

International night is a night wherein Niles West provides the many cultural clubs an opportunity to showcase their cultural dances to the students who wish to attend the event.

“International night is an opportunity for our cultural club students who have been working, literally, from the first day of school on their cultural dances,” student activities director Katie Odell said. “Some of them are traditional, some of them are modern, but it’s an opportunity for them to display their cultural dances for anyone who would like to club.”

Every year, students continue to be innovative and work hard in order to make their dances a pleasurable experience for their viewers. According to Odell, this is what makes the night go so positively.

“It went well. Every year it goes well because the students work so hard on it, and they do a really nice job,” Odell said. “I enjoy it every year because there’s always a little bit of something different: there are new students who put a spin on the different things they do. I really enjoyed it.”

Indo-Pak officer and senior Alisha Sayani has been preparing with her fellow club members for months in advance. Due to this preparation, she feels that the night was a success in accordance with the group’s organization.

“Indo-Pak has been preparing since December. We met twice a week last month to perfect our performances,” Sayani said. “I think the night went great. We were really organized this year, and I was happy about that. I was also proud of our club for performing well. All that practice was worth it!”

Sayani, who has been an avid participator of International Night since her Freshman year, believes that the school could do more to promote the night and encourage students to become involved.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think that International Night is a big deal, which is a shame because it’s an amazing show,” Sayani said. “If there was more promotion for the event, more people would probably come to watch, or we could turn the event into an assembly so that they the whole school has a chance to see our hard-work!”

Despite this, senior Kyle Estrera, a member of Filipino club, believes that the biggest takeaway from International Night is the showcasing of West’s diversity to all members of the community.

“I think [international night] is a great way to showcase the school’s diversity towards either students visiting or watching or even parents who might bring their kids from elementary schools,” Estrera said. “It shows how the school is very diverse. They are able to accept different types of culture to have a night for them all.”