Your “Cheap Date” Idea Guide

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Your “Cheap Date” Idea Guide

By Sam Galanopoulos, Staff Writer

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know what the means- cute dates, heart-shaped rose decorations, and everyone posting cute collages with their significant other. With time running out for your dates ideas, here are some great ones for tonight that you should definitely consider.

The Girls Varsity Basketball Regional Game 

Everyone who has a burning desire for sports should come support your Niles West Girls Varsity Basketball Team as they take on Maine South at Mather High school at 7:30 pm. This is the cheapest date but the most entertaining one. You only spend $8.00 as an entrance fee total, which leaves you with money left over for some popcorn, a soda, and treating yourself to a nice candy bar. This entire date is under $20.00, but the experience is priceless.

Culver’s Meal and FREE Dessert

Who doesn’t love a nice burger, fries and a drink? At Culver’s, you can get a deluxe combo of any main dish, side, and a fountain drink for under $7.00. But you can’t leave without dessert! On every receipt, you are awarded a free dessert item that is able to used immediately after your initial purchase. So after you finish a great meal, top it off by whipping your car through the drive through and picking up your choice of dessert.

86 Cent Coffee

With the frosty winter weather, everyone wants to warm up somehow. Go on over to McDonald’s and get a coffee for $0.86 or a hot chocolate for a little over a dollar. Rather than going to Starbucks for a $5.00 tall holiday drink, save your money. You are only pulling $3.00 out of your pocket for a sweet date with your special someone. The quality is great, and you barely dent your bank account.

Give and Receive Gifts

No matter how old you are, everyone loves gifts. From jewelry to chocolate, everyone excepts presents with open arms. Jewelry can be very expensive, so head over to the Dollar Tree for some cheaper options. They have everything from candy to flowers. The best part… it’s all a dollar! If you are feeling really generous for your significant other, you can burn $10.00 on some very original, creative gifts that the Dollar Store has to offer.

Stay in and Relax

At the end of a crazy week or a particularly stressful day, everyone has their different ways of winding down. From watching Netflix to listening to music, everyone has a go-to when they need to relax. If Wednesday turns out to be a horrible day at school, stay inside as a couple to enjoy some TV or stuffing your face with whatever food your mom got from the grocery store Sunday night. And the best part is that this is free. Hopefully you have some food options at home that you can pick at, and you don’t pay the electricity bill, so you can watch all the Netflix you want.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day of spoiling your significant other or being lonely. These are things that you could do as a couple, with a group of friends, or even alone. You don’t want to be rushing around to come up with a perfect date tonight. Just try one of these ideas out. These dates are simple, easy, and extremely affordable.