Victoria’s Secret Releases New Valentine’s Day Line


By Teodora Simic, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Everyone is out buying chocolates, teddy bears, and things from Victoria Secret’s new Valentine’s Day fashion line.

Victoria’s Secret just recently released their new clothing line and accessories for the Valentine season. This year they divided their merchandise into four sections: “for you, for your girls, for your date, and for your late nights.”

Beginning with the section marked “for you,” Victoria’s Secret included new everyday lingerie, pajamas, workout clothes, perfume and makeup. Pink and white dominated the color scheme. The brand introduced two new velvet creme lip stains in 11 different colors.  They also added a new perfume called “Love,” which is also pink.

Next is the section “for your girls.” There are various matching sets that can be purchased for groups of friends, such as matching pajamas with little hearts or kisses on them. There are also cute little key chains with various hearts on them that can be bought. In this section, they also included sweatpants, mini bags, and other cute accessories.

Following this section is the “for your date” section. Victoria’s Secret added a lot new black lacy lingerie covered in red accents. There are also a lot of red lip glosses and matte red lip stains. This section goes hand in hand with the final section. Victoria’s Secret added new red items, ranging from bombshell bras to cute bralettes. Along with the new lingerie, they added new night gowns and pajamas.

Victoria’s Secret is definitely known for one thing: intimate apparel. But this Valentine’s Day season they outdid themselves. The new silky soft pajamas are decorated with little hearts and come in various shades of pink, red, white, and black.  They also released new perfumes for the holiday to accompany the ones they already had, including “Tease” and “Temptation.”

Newly added purses and mini bags come in different shades of red and different prints of hearts and kisses. The new trend of backpacks for purses took Victoria’s Secret by storm. They even included a red backpack in the 2018 Valentine’s Day release.

Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate your loved ones, whether it be that someone special or your best friend. Victoria’s Secret’s new line for Valentine’s Day includes clothing and goods for all different types of love in your life.