How to Make the Most out of Spirit Week


Sammy Butera

The junior class shows off their spirit for the winter pep assembly last year by wearing neon.

By Teodora Simic, Staff Writer

Next week marks the beginning of spring spirit week here at Niles West. The themes for the week are as follows:

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Sports Day

Wednesday: Tie-Dye/Bright Colors Day

Thursday: Hat Day

Friday: Red and White

This upcoming week is the final spirit week of the year, and it ends with the annual spring pep assembly. It’s the final chance you have to go all out and show off your school spirit this school year. Here are a couple ways to fully participate in the upcoming spirit week.

1.  PJ Day 

The week begins with the old-school theme we all know and love: pajama day. It’s the one day of the entire school year that you can show up in the comfiest clothes you own. The best way to participate in pajama day is to show up in your pajamas, obviously. Along with this, wear your bathrobe and come in your slippers. If you really want to embrace the spirit of pajama day, bring a blanket and a pillow. It will feel like you never left your bed.

2. Sports Day 

Tuesday is the day that brings out rivalries over sport teams between friends and faculty. The easiest way to participate in sports day is to show up in a jersey, but that’s boring. In order to be over the top, you must wear more than just a jersey. Wear your favorite hat, use face paint, and wear different beads to reflect the colors of your favorite team. You can twin with your friends and turn Niles West into a sporting wonderland.

3. Tie-Dye/Bright Colors Day 

If you took chemistry at Niles West, then the tie-dye shirt you made is perfect for Wednesday. Bring out your inner 80’s vibes and pull out every neon article of clothing you own.  The best way to truly look school spirited on tie-dye/bright color day is wear neon everything, and I mean everything. Wear your best neon pants and match it with your favorite neon shirt. Brightly colored headbands are actually encouraged on this day. Wear your brightest colors to help make Niles West a colorful school on Wednesday.

4. Hat Day 

On an average day at Niles West, you cannot be wearing a hat to school. The security guards will literally chase you down to make sure you remove it. On Thursday, it is completely acceptable to wear any hat of your choosing. This means baseball caps, sombreros, snapbacks, beanies, birthday hats, and any other hats that your heart desires are allowed to be worn all day. To look your best on hat day, wear your favorite crazy, funky, junky hat.

5. Red and White Day 

As Friday rolls around, so does our final pep assembly and spirit day. Red and white day essentially means color wars between the grades. Every grade should wear their designated color, and by wear, I mean covered from head to toe in that color. From your shoes to your shirt, make sure you match. Along with this, cover your body and face in paint. To really bring your look together, add extras such as tutus and leg warmers. End the week, and the year, with a bang of colors.

Spirit Weeks are the few times during the year that students at Niles West all have the opportunity to showcase their school spirit. This upcoming spirit week is the final one of the entire year, so do everything you can to make it the most spirited.