Peep these Peep Recipes


Tis the season for peeps! Get your full serving of marshmallow in the shape of a bunny or a chick this spring.

By Christina Lappas, Managing Editor

Sugary, squishy, decorative, and sweet. It’s Peeps season! Spring is nearing, which means Peeps will fill local grocery store shelves. Peeps now come in all different shapes and colors but are most commonly recognized as little chicks. In order to create some addictive food with these garnished marshmallows, here are some creative ways to enjoy them.

Microwave them 

This is by far the most enjoyable one to watch. There is something so amusing about putting the chicks in the microwave. Peering in through the window of the microwave, watching them grow immensely in size, and then deflating again is super entertaining. Plus, once taken out of the microwave, the Peeps are warm.

Leave them out 

When Peeps are left out for an extended period of time, they will become especially stale. Some people prefer them this way because they offer an addictive crunch. If this category applies to you, leaving them on your counter will serve as all the preparation necessary.

Coat them with chocolate

If you think Peeps lack in flavor, what is better than coating them in chocolate? Depending on what you are in the mood for, you could coat it halfway, fully, or even just a drizzle. By doing this, it offers a mix of flavors that was once not there.

Make S’mores

Since Peeps are marshmallows, why not make s’mores out of them? You could toast them, put some chocolate on a graham cracker, and make a colorful batch of Peep s’mores. This provides different flavors to combine and create a decadent dessert.

Just eat them normally

Eating just a normal peep still provides a savory taste. Sometimes you just crave the plain taste and the soft texture of a sugary Peep. Eating them plain is perfectly normal, and sometimes incredibly desirable. It’s still a sweet-like-candy so of course, it’s going to taste phenomenal.