2018 Boys Baseball Preview


Mid-game, catcher Diego Acosta holds the ball ready to throw it back to the pitcher.

By Isa Gil, Social Media Editor

The sun is beaming down on the pitcher’s hat, the batter has a full count, and the pitcher is ready to strike him out. He winds up, hands clutching the ball with a curveball grip. The pitch is thrown, and the curveball lands dead center in the catcher’s mitt; the inning is over, and the batter is out. This is just one scene that will become commonplace during the boys baseball season this spring.

Many of the older players are anticipating a successful season this year.

“One major goal we have as a team for this year is to make it back to the Regional Championship game and win it this year. We fell just short of it last year losing to New Trier. My team, and especially the senior class, wants that regional title,” senior Diego Acosta said.

No matter how great the team is there will always be strengths and weaknesses.

“As a team, our strengths are good offense and defense, and we are a very versatile team. We are also very lucky to have a great coaching staff. I personally have not been on the team long enough to spot weaknesses, but if we compete hard I feel our team will not face any weaknesses,” freshman Ethan Calderon said.

However, members of the team lack familiarity with each other.

“One of our weaknesses is that, as a team, none of us have ever played together, except the senior class. Throughout the season, we are going to have to build some team chemistry, so we can go out there and win some games,” said Acosta.

Being in any varsity sport your freshmen year is hard and unusual for most, but this year two freshmen, Ethan Calderon and Kyle Gibson, showed talent and dedication that scored them their position on the team.

“I was excited being a freshman on varsity, even though I feel it will be tough at the beginning. I’ll do well.  There is another freshman on varsity, Kyle, and I think we will both play well,” Calderon said.

For a lot of members on the team, this spring season of baseball will be their last at Niles West High School.

“To be honest it has not hit me yet that this might be my last season playing baseball at Niles West. I love the group of seniors we have this year, and I’m excited to spend possibly my last year playing baseball with them,” Acosta said.

Students can come see the boys baseball team today, Thurs., March 15, at Lane Tech High School at 3:45 p.m.