School Reminds Students of Policies for March 14 Walkout


By Divitya Vakil, News Editor

Principal Jason Ness sent an email to parents regarding school policies for the Wed., March 14 walkout. The school day will still follow the late start schedule with first period beginning at 9:40 a.m.

The walkout is a student-led action; teachers and support staff members will not be participating. Some Niles West staff members will be supervising the students during the walkout as a security and safety measure. West is working in cooperation with the Skokie Police Department to address any safety concerns.

Ness also went on to further explain certain concerns regarding absence policy during the walkout, as follows:

  • Students who are marked unexcused for the period of time in which they participate in the walkout will not be disciplined as a result of their absence.
  • Students who do not return to class after the end of the walkout will be marked “unexcused” and receive the requisite disciplinary consequences per the student handbook.
  • Student participation in the walkout is voluntary. Students leaving class for the walkout will be marked absent, unexcused. Any student who does not want to participate can remain in their first period class with their teacher or can report to the auditorium.
  • Teachers will take attendance as part of normal classroom procedures. The recording of an unexcused absence for student participants in the National Walkout is an accurate account of attendance for this event per Illinois School Code (105 ILSC5/26-29) related to excused absences.
  • All students are still responsible for all homework and assignments given during the time they choose to participate in the walkout.