The Artists of Our Lifetime

The Jonas Brothers posing for a picture in the 2000s.

The Jonas Brothers posing for a picture in the 2000’s.

By Christina Lappas, Managing Editor

It’s the mid-2000’s, I’m sitting in my room belting out every outstanding song that I know, and life is good. Without a doubt, the songs I was singing then shaped me into who I am today, and I will be eternally grateful for them.

The artists include some Disney Channel stars that quickly gained popularity years ago and are still relevant to this day.

Hannah Montana

Whether it be the movie, the show, or the wide variety of songs, Hannah Montana was a staple of my childhood. To this day, I find her songs reappearing in my playlists. Without Hannah Montana, I cannot say I would be where I am today. Her movie is a typical rom-com, her show is captivating, and her songs are bops.

The Jonas Brothers

Although The Jonas Brothers broke up, they will forever hold a special place in my heart. I belted their songs throughout the entirety of my childhood. They even had a brief show in which they would incorporate some of their songs; it was a dream come true. I can safely say that The Jonas Brothers will never go out of style.

Selena Gomez and The Scene

To be completely honest, the songs that Selena Gomez and The Scene created are monumental. There is something about them that has the ability to unite a crowd. I personally think this was the peak of her career, and thankfully I still know all of the words of these songs so I can continue to jam to them on a daily.

Demi Lovato

WOW is all I have to say when thinking of the album, “Don’t Forget.” The songs on here are some of the greatest pieces of music to ever be created. The amount of passion in those songs and the passion I attempt to mirror simply displays how remarkable that specific album is.

Aly and AJ

This iconic duo had me singing about the boyfriend I never had when I was like seven. My personal favorite — “Potential Breakup Song” — will forever have a spot on my phone. Even though it came out 11 years ago, my love for this song — and for Aly and AJ — does not and will never waiver.