The Ultimate Prom Night Survival Guide


By Teodora Simic, Staff Writer

The next two weeks are the most stressful of the entire year for seniors. Not only is prom one week away, but AP exams are scattered in the two weeks surrounding prom weekend. Everyone is stressing about dresses, tuxes, plans after prom, that AP test you have the day after prom weekend, and fixing your GPA before the year is over. To help people stress less, here’s a list of essentials to have with you at prom.

1. Socks and/or Another Pair of Shoes 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, heels and dress shoes are not comfortable. They’re important to wear to pictures and the beginning of prom, but as soon as you hit the dance floor, they should be coming off. Bringing a comfortable pair of shoes or a pair of socks will relieve any pain you feel, but also save th9e feet of others around you. Getting stepped on by dress shoes or heels hurts like no other, so do yourself and everyone else) a favor and bring something to change into. Just in case, bring some band-aids so that if you are stepped on, you have something handy.

2. Gum and Snacks 

The first part of prom is the dinner that is served, but that’s all the way in the beginning of prom. The food is usually not that amazing either. Bring snacks or something to munch on later because you probably will get hungry again. Also, bring gum so that your breath does not smell like the chicken you demolished an hour before.

3. Emergency Tape 

This is more for girls, but it can apply for guys too. Bring emergency fashion tape because when you’re moving around on the dance floor, your gorgeous dress is moving too. You don’t want something to fall off and ruin your prom look. As for guys, maybe you have a fashion mishap, and you might need emergency fashion tape for a quick fix.

4. ID 

This is probably the most important thing to bring with you on prom night, otherwise you can’t get into the venue. You didn’t spend weeks stressing about your dress, suit, shoes, date, and all the other things prom brings with it just to forget your school ID and not get into prom.

5. Portable Charger 

The night is long, and you’re going to be on your phone taking pictures and videos of the night. Make sure to bring a charger so that your phone stays charged in case of an emergency or any situations after prom.

6. Deodorant, Perfume/Cologne, and Anything Else 

Prom is long….a couple hours long. During this time, you’ve already spent hours outside taking pictures, then at least another hour eating, and then an hour on the dance floor. You need to make sure that you’re hygienic, feeling good, and looking your best. Bring extra makeup for quick touch ups, perfume or cologne to make sure you smell nice, and anything else you might need to feel your best.

7. Good Vibes 

Be happy! Prom is finally here, and it’s the final dance all the seniors have before it’s time for graduation. Don’t stress about anything because everyone looks amazing and is having a good time. Don’t worry- this doesn’t take up any space in your clutch or pockets. Enjoy the food, your friends, the music, and the night!