Getting Ready for Prom 2018


Makeup brushes that are great for setting your face.

By Christina Lappas, Managing Editor

Prom is right around the corner, tensions are high, and everyone wants to look phenomenal. With these tips, getting ready for the big day is bound to be smooth sailing.

Set Your Face: This is such a crucial part of makeup and needs to be utilized for special events like prom. Setting your face with a powder locks all the makeup into place. Take a fluffy brush and a lot of loose powder to apply it, leave it on your face for a couple minutes, then brush it off and your face will be set. Everything put on prior to this powder will not move; it prevents everything from slipping and sliding right off of your face.

Plan Everything Prior: Having everything picked out the night before saves you time on the day of. A few necessities are: your eyeshadow palette, your foundation, your bronzer, etc… All of your belongings will be in order, saving time and helping you feel a bit saner.

Drink Water: I cannot stress this enough. Not only the day of prom but leading up to it, drink water. It helps flush out toxins in the body, creating a glowy appearance on your skin. This way, your skin is hydrated and ready for all the makeup to be piled on.

Don’t Wash Your Hair: I know this initially sounds outrageous and as if I am promoting poor hygiene but if you plan on styling your hair this is practically necessary. With styling hair, not washing it the day before will allow for your natural oils to sink in. By doing that is makes your hair to look extra voluminous and therefore, the style will hold longer.

Be Confident: When taking pictures always remember confidence is the best thing to be wearing. When you are confident, that confidence will radiate off of you, making those pictures and the memories even better than they already were.

These are just a few tips to help make your night even better, but regardless of if these steps are followed, prom is bound to be fun.