2011 Boys Soccer Preview

By Nick Goldwyn

[singlepic id=2352 w=320 h=240 float=left]The NWN had a chance to talk to Varsity Head Coach Scott Ackman about the season, the Pepsi Showdown, and the teams size.

NWN: How well should the team do this year?

Ackman: We should be very competitive this year, we have had some huge injuries to our major contributors so far this season, so our record dosen’t show that, but we should do very well once we get everyone back.

NWN: What do you think about the schedule this year?

Ackman: It’s the hardest schedule we’ve ever had.  We have to play the best teams in the state week in and week out, and we have to play in the Pepsi Showdown later this year.

NWN: Speaking of tough teams, who is the toughest team on the schedule this year?

Ackman: Barington was probably our toughest game of the season, and we beat them 1-0.

NWN: What are the teams goals for the season?

Ackman: Our goals are the same as always, win conference, Regionals, Sectionals, and, hopefully, make it to state.

NWN: What are some strengths and weaknesses of the team?

Ackman: Our major strength is that we are experienced, as soon as we get everyone back we will have the same starters that we had last year for both our backfield and our forwards. Our major weakness is that we are a physically small team, we’re the smaller team every week.

NWN: Who are the teams key players?

Ackman: Our key players are seniors Dange Gillespie, Michael Tabar, Jaime Zepeda, Lane Mita, Pawel Dabek, and Justin Andrada. As well as juniors Chris Tomuta, and Daniel Rozen.